Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet

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Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet – An Introduction

Our factory are professional jewelry manufacturing company, which specializes in the production of rhinestone jewelry and CZ jewellery. There are three exclusive production lines for rhinestone cup chains,rhinestone bracelet and CZ jewellery, especially for rhinestone stretch bracelet.

Development History of stretchl Bracelet Machines

In 1993 elastic bracelets were all made manually with low production capacity and high cost. With large demand, our factory has developed an automated stretch rhinestone bracelet production machine, which greatly accelerates the production speed and greatly reduces the cost.

Production Process Of Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet

Step 1: Soldering the single empty cup chain into multi rows, if single row stretch rhinestone bracelet, no need to solder.
Step 2: Put the elastic thread into the empty cup chain or soldered multi rows cup chains
Step 3: Put rhinestone bracelets with elastic threads on elastic bracelet mould
Step 4: The worker puts the rhinestones on the rhinestone board of the corresponding size
Step 5: Install the rhinestone board on the top of the machine, and place the bracelet board on the bottom of the machine
Step 6: Turn on the machine and automatically press the rhinestone into the bracelet
Step 7: Send rhinestone bracelet to the plating factory for plating colors,like silver, gold, rose gold
Step 7: Carry out quality inspection, re-fix dropping stones and packaging


Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet Use

Rhinestone stretch bracelet is not only used in silver bracelet for wedding, social jewelry, but also it can be used in shoes heel and product decoration according to elastic element. We can modify the number, size and color of rhinestones to meet different remands. Please see use examples as below. 
-Silver bracelet for Wedding
-Rhinestone Heel Rings
-Luxurious Stemless Wine Glasses with Sparkling"Diamond" Studded Design (Silver)


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