Hair Big Tiara Crown Silver Crystal Rhinestone for Wedding

Item No.: 1250000081
Silver color with gorgeous rhinestone
Made of durable material and also easy to wear and take off
Have combs attached, will help the crown stay stable in your hair
Rhinestone tiara crown can be worn as a bridal accessory.
  • Stone ColorCrystal
  • Measurement150mm*135mm*42mm
  • N.W(g)16.9
  • Plating ColorSilver
  • MaterialBrass, Rhinestone
  • Package1 pc/card with opp bag
  • More Less
    / PC
    360 PC(Min. Order)
    (5000 In Stock)
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    Hair Big Tiara Crown Silver Crystal Rhinestone for Wedding 

    Nothing flatters a woman’s or girl’s femininity like a tiara. You can buy it in various styles and shades to match the occasion. The Crystal Tiara Crown is such a product. It provides wearers with quality and durability benefits, being made from brass and rhinestone. This headband incorporates a creative design that adds elegance to your head. 

    Furthermore, its lovely silver color will have you looking like the queen you are, while its style and large size fosters visibility. This tiara is an ideal hair accessory for weddings as a bridal headband and other occasions. It is stable, lightweight, and fits snugly to ensure comfort for wearers.

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    Company profile

    Welcome to Paradise Fashion Factory!

    Dear distinguished guests,

    We started our jewelry business in 1993 as a family and have grown to be one of the top jewelers in China. One thing we pride ourselves in is our rhinestone jewelry collection which is our top seller. Apart from that, we also make cubic zirconia jewelry. All our jewelry is made from hypoallergenic material that is lead and cadmium free.


    As such, you do not have to worry about it having any effects on you.  Aside from the OEM services, we offer custom jewelry services and do both bulk and retail orders.  We have been certified by SEDEX and are considered a trustworthy manufacturing business.


    Our main agenda as Paradise Fashion is to assist you with the quality products at a better price. We offer quick turnaround time and ensure you get fast sampling when doing bulk orders. We always deliver on time, so you can rely on us to get you your products in good time.  

    Here is a closer look at how we have grown over the years.


    We started producing our jewelry for the national market. They were made from rhinestones and were assembled manually.


     We opened the first equipped jewelry factory.  


    We increased production by improving the production line with automatic machinery. We also expanded the assembly lines, which gave us a competitive advantage over the other factories in China. 


    We started having finished jewelry items and accessories in rhinestones as well as zirconia.  


    The factory was handed over to the second family generation who had just the same passion and zeal for the company. 


     The company started exporting jewelry directly to markets in Europe and North America.   


    We kicked of producing rhinestone jewelry and other necessary accessories for firms like Family Dollar, Walmart, Ascena and Reitmans.

    Currently, we have a workshop and showroom that are 120 m2 and 300 m2 respectively. We have had our functions audited by different firms and clients over the years and have had satisfactory results so far. Currently, we make over half a million pieces of jewelry each month and work with famous brands in the market, like Zara and David Bridal.  


    If you need a good jewelry manufacturer in China, then check us out. We will ensure you get the best jewelry option without breaking the bank. Talk to us today, and let us work on your order.  

    We are looking forward to your inquiry.

    Sincerely yours,
    —— Paradise Jewelry Co, Ltd
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    Cup Chain Production Line
    Handmade Production Line
    Soldering Production Line
    Packing Line
    Test Reports
    Anyway please freely contact our sales department if you have any questions.
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    why choose us

    Why Choose Us

    Paradise Fashion Factory has over 28 years’ of experience when it comes to everything jewelry. We have come up with a business model to ensure that you can get the best quality pieces in the market at an affordable price. With this, our clients choose us over the rest because we offer versatility and quality items on a budget.


    One thing we ensured we have is three different production lines to cater to the three types of jewelry we make. We deal with cubic zirconia and rhinestone jewelry pieces in the market. The raw materials for these pieces are produced in-house, which ensures we cut down on costs even further. It gives us an edge over the other business in the area.


    Aside from manufacturing, we also supply jewelry in China and other countries. We are the most reliable jewelry manufacturers in China and ensure that we deliver top quality products every time.


    We have impeccable customer service as well and ensure that no matter your needs as a client, we will meet them. We also offer after sales services, which ensure that everyone is satisfied with whatever service they get from us. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your pieces straight from our showroom or an online shopper, we will ensure you get exactly what you ordered.


    The one thing we do at Paradise Fashion Factory is deliver exactly what you ordered. We carry out various quality checks on our pieces and ensure that they meet the brief.


    By doing this, all the pieces we put out are as ordered, and our clients know they can rely on us. We also have strict policies when it comes to manufacturing that ensure we stay at the top of the game in the national and international jewelry market.


    If you are on a budget, then you should ensure you check us out. We never skimp on quality and are more concerned about precision over the bulk of an order. By using this as our guide, we have become the best in the business. All our pieces are well thought out, and we always ensure that no matter your budget, you get the best from us.


    If you need quality pieces that work with different styles, then you should check us out. We work with customer pieces as well and understand the different styles in the market. We have received great appreciation for our pieces in the past and always ensure you get a good bargain with every order made.

    Expertise| Ethical Standard for Workers | Standard Production Procedures 

    After being in business since 1993, we are proud to say that the knowledge garnered over the years has been a great help in our business. Our business is currently in the hands of the second generation family after being handed down in 2008, and it is thriving as ever.


    We use rhinestone soldering technology to ensure we get the best quality rhinestone in the market. We have exported our pieces to over 15 countries and have been audited successfully by different firms over the years. The elements we use in making our jewelry have been tried and tested and found to be the best quality each time.


    Exclusive Production Line | Affordable Jewelry Pieces


    Our production lines cater to our three different jewelry options. We deal with rhinestone cup chain, cubic zirconia and the rhinestone stretch bracelet options. These different pieces all need different delivery times, and having the lines run concurrently ensures you get just that.


    Since we make the raw materials in-house, it goes a long way in cutting down the cost of production which then translates to you as the client getting the pieces for cheap.


    We also have a machine that deals with the mass production of rhinestone stretch bracelets, which means we make more pieces at a go. With this feature, we are able to offer the jewelry at a much lower price than most manufacturers in the market.


    The other reason our pieces are cheap is we get our cubic zirconia in Guangxi, which has abundant jewel deposits. The workers’ wages are also relatively low, which translates to the amount of money we spend on jewelry. All this has gone a long way to cut on the cost of production and can be seen in the final cost of our jewelry pieces.



    Our ODM store combines rhinestones as well as zirconia with metal to have a variety of unique pieces of jewelry. We have tailored our services to cater to different types of clients and ensure that they always get what they need from us.  These pieces are trendy and can be worn in and out of season. We have some of the best timeless ODM and OEM pieces in the market.


    We also offer packaging options for any of our clients when they need to. If you need custom packaging and designs, we have confidentiality agreements that bar us from providing your design or ideas to any other clients.  The agreement has seen us provide these services to famous brands such as ZARA, GUESS, Burlington, and many more in the market. 

    Production Approval Samples

    If you are ordering a bulk custom order, then you can always ask for a sample. We provide this before production so you can modify it and ensure everything is on point before final production starts. We make these samples based on your specifications.

    Product Packages

    We provide packages and can also arrange for you to get packaging designed according to your needs. All you need to do is talk to us and let us help you create the perfect product package.

    Orders Inspections

    To ensure all your products get to you in perfect quality, we have our QC inspections before shipping. You can also organize for your own inspection which we allow so you are satisfied with the pieces made.

    Order Shipments

    Our time of production ranges between 20 to 30 days, in regards to the quantity, but not including the time one takes to confirm the order sample. You can choose between express, air, or ocean dispatch. No matter your shipping option, we will ensure you get a safe and economical option for your product.

    Factory Audit

    Our factory has had audits passed by both WCA and SEDEX. If you are our client and need any other audit, then you can always reach out to our sales department and see how to go about it.

    Anyway please freely contact our sales department if you have any questions.
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    Does your Jewelry contain any toxic materials?

    All jewelry supplied by Paradise is hypoallergenic, and free from nickel, lead and cadmium. Testing services to comply with your country's legal regulation is available as well upon request. As usual lead is below 200ppm and Cadimum is 75ppm. If you require more lower data, please kindly contact us to discuss details. 

    Are you able to send us a sample so we can check the quality?

    Yes, we do offer samples. You can email us, and we can go through the pieces you want as samples via [email protected]

    What's your turnaround time?

    One thing we strive for at Paradise is a fast turnaround time. We have an efficient production line that will ensure your orders don’t delay. That being said, the amount of time taken to deliver your piece will depend on the kind of design you chose and your order quantity. We ask that you give us at least 3 to 5 weeks for a mass order and no more than 8 weeks if you made your order during peak season.  


    Reach out to us and let us go through your order quantity with you. That way, we can give you a better idea of how long it will take for you to get the pieces.


    Kindly note that since we aim to deliver the best in the market, our products are made on demand; we do not have any stock.  Since it takes a few days to get these pieces produced and shipped, we need to have ample time to do the same.  We always try to ship as early as possible and are grateful for your patience and understanding. Check out the “Sales” section if you need a fast delivery on your pieces.

    What's your way of shipment?

    You can talk to us if you need better details of the delivery options we offer and how long they take to get to you. For delivery, always contact us at [email protected] for more details.

    Kindly note that since we aim to deliver the best in the market, our products are made on demand; we do not have any ready to sell items.  Since it takes a few days to make these pieces and ship them, we need to have ample time to do the same.  We always try to ship as early as possible and are grateful for your patience and understanding. Contact us for a quick delivery order  

    Are you able to assist with packaging?

    Yes, we facilitate packaging solutions as well. All you need to do is get us your digital design, and we will work on the production of the packages. We can as well design a good layout for you and mail it to you so you can approve it. If you have your own packaging company, then you can use our sales team to contact them so your jewelry and packaging is delivered at the same time. 

    How can I plan for the payment?
    Payment Options
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    First Name:Zhen Last Name:Lu Country: China City:Yiwu
    Beneficiary Account Name:YIWU PARADISE JEWELRY CO. , LIMITED Beneficiary Adress:Floor 5, Building 4, #2818 Xicheng Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China Beneficiary A/C No.:NRA3387020011420100080187 Beneficiary Swift Code No.:ZJCBCN2N Beneficiary Bank Name:CHINA ZHESHANG BANK YIWU BRANCH Beneficiary Bank Adress:NO.955, BEICUN ROAD, YIWU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA

    No matter you choose above any ways remit to us ,please send the remittance detail information to our e-mail address : [email protected]


    Do your jewelry pieces in silver tarnish after a while?

    All silver tarnishes over time due to oxidation, which is the metal reacting to the oxygen in the air. E- Coating is a great way to reduce the rate at which these pieces will tarnish. If you sell high end jewelry then you might want to use thorium over the silver sterling base. Your pieces will, however, look darker when you use thorium as a coating. 

    Do you work with real or even imitation plating?

    We work with both plating depending on your cost. Imitation plating is definitely cheaper than the real deal, but if you work with high end products, then always go for the real plating. All our gold, as well as rose-gold plated pieces, are real and well plated using the electroplating process.

    Do you do custom design pieces?

    We do work with custom design options. We understand that every client is unique and therefore ensure that you get what works with your style and design. All you need to do is send us your design and we will work on ensuring it gets done. We will work on a sample and send it over so you approve it before we get started on the bulk order. 


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